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Double E Ranch, formerly known as Erickson's Arabians and Miniatures, was formed in October, 2013 when Richard Erickson and Jacob Elliott were wed in Sacramento. 


We are located in Galt about 30 mins. south of Sacramento.  Double E Ranch consists of about thirty miniature horses of varying colors, bloodlines, and personalities.  Our breeding program includes the traditional AMHA horse as well as Shetland blends and pony lines in AMHR and ASPC. We have enjoyed tremendous success in the show ring and in our breeding, as we strive for the best possible conformation and movement in our horses.


Before we met,  Richard was preparing to retire from the business. That never came to pass, as Jacob bought his first horse, a beautiful chestnut colt, aptly named Pistol for his explosive personality.

After placing him into training, Jacob got the bug and began showing at halter and won several competitions with him and another of our stallions, Mac. From that point, Jacob became addicted and has enjoyed much success showing both in halter and performance both with AMHA and AMHR.


Presently at Double E, we are focusing on breeding our triple registered driving stallion, Mountain Meadows Simply Sensational following a highly a successful trip to the show ring in 2018 with Cassidy Blanton at the whip. At this time, Sensa is standing at stud at Wingate Training Center.  Indeed, Casey and Kelly Campbell are now co-owners of this amazing stallion!  We are very excited with the crosses that will result from this collaboration.  He has bred several prominent mares in the industry, and we could not be more pleased.  As of this writing, Sensa has fifteen foals on the ground! We have only one for sale at this time, as we have opted to retain one colt and one filly.  Look for his get in the show ring - some have already enjoyed success! 

Jacob Elliott


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